Do you need translations from English or Spanish to Japanese or vice versa. Shabana is the perfect place to ask. We translate from simple texts to complicated documents. As we are all native Japanese speakers, we also guarantee the quality of our translations.


Video Game Translations

We have translators with extensive experience in the video games field. We understand how important a high quality translation is to guarantee the video games success.


The translation of web pages into Japanese can introduce your Company to a Japanese public of great potential. At the same time, we do not limit ourselves to translations; we provide the integral location of the web pages as well. (Style, tone, cultural aspects, etc.)

Mobile App

Nowadays mobile applications are as important as or even more important than web pages for business. That is why at Shabana we specialize in mobile application translations.

Social Media

The presence in social media is one of the main factors to succesfully enter the Japanese market. We know the Japanese people and the social media used in Japan. (YouTube, Facebook, Twiiter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blog, etc.)